Course Conducted


Sl. NoSubjectDate
1Botany(RC)7th March, 201327th March, 2013
2Chemistry(RC)30th Oct, 201219th Nov, 2012
3Education(RC)14th Nov, 20124th Dec, 2012
4English(RC)7th Nov,201227th Nov,2012
5Forestry (RC)1st Nov,201221st Nov,2012
6Library Science (RC)21st Nov,201211th Dec,2012
7Mathematics (RC)6th Nov,201226th Nov,2012
8Mizo Language (RC)10th Jan,201330th Jan,2013
9Political Science (RC)4rd Sept, 201224rd Sept, 2012
10Psychology (RC)5th March,201325th March,2013
11Public Administration (RC)1st Nov,201221st Nov,2012
12Physics (RC)15th Feb,20137th March,2013
13Research Methodology in Social Science s(RC)20th Nov,201211th Dec,2012
14Zoology (RC)4rd Sept,201224rd Sept,2012
18th Orientation Course1st August,201228th August,2012
29th Orientation Course1st October,201228th October,2012
310th Orientation Course20th Nov,201217th Dec,2012
411th Orientation Course1st March,201328th March,2013
1Six Days Workshop on Applied Statistics for Teachers & Research Scholars23rd July,201228th July,2012
2Five Days Workshop on Instrumentation in Science for Teachers & Research Scholars6th August,201210th August,2012
3Six Days workshop on Data Analysis through SPSS for Teachers &  Research Scholars27th August,20121st Sept,2012
4Three Days workshop for Academic Administrators and Principals of Colleges26th Feb,201328th Feb,2013
5Three Days workshop on Curriculum Development and Question Paper Setting for College and University Teachers26th June,201228th June,2012
6Five Days Workshop on Computer Application for College & University Teachers26th March,201330th March,2013