Course Conducted


Sl.No    Subject     Date
1Life Sciences (ID) ( Botany, Zoology, Forestry,  and Bio-Technology)20th June.201310th Jul.2013
2Bio-Technology7th Aug.201327th Aug.2013
3Research Methodology in Social Sciences10thSept.201330th Sept.2013
4Hindi8th Oct.201328th Oct.2013
5Philosophy6th Nov.201326th Nov.2013
6Language8th Nov.201328th Nov.2013
7Behavioral Sciences (ID) (Education and Psychology)12th Nov.20132nd Dec.2013
8Business Studies (ID) (Economics, Commerce and Management)15th Nov.20135th Dec.2013
9Education20th Feb201412th Mar2014
10Social Sciences(ID) ( History –Sociology, Anthology,Political Science and Public Administration)6th Mar.201426th Mar.2014
11Earth Sciences (ID –Geology and Geography)6th Mar.201426th Mar.2014
12Physical Sciences (ID) (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)11st Mar.201431st Mar.2014
13Computer Science, Engineering and ICT (ID)25th Feb.201417th Mar.2014
1Orientation Course-103rd July201330th July2013
2Orientation Course-113rd Oct. 201330th Oct. 2013
3Orientation Course-1219th Nov.201316th Dec.2013
4Orientation Course-134th Mar.201431st Mar.2014
1One week Course on Environmental Studies24th June 201329th June 2013
2One week Course on Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization of Higher Studies5th Aug. 201310th Aug.2013
3One Week workshop on Applied Statistics23rd Sept. 201328rd Sept. 2013
4One week workshop on SPSS in Social Science2nd Dec.20137th Dec.2013
5One week workshop on Computer Application10th Mar. 201415th Mar. 2014
6One week workshop on Examination Reforms, Curriculum Development & Question Paper Setting24th Mar 201429th March 2014
IVAdditional courses  
1Interaction Programme for Ph.D Scholars11th Sept 20131st Oct 2013
2Summer School28th June 201318th July 2013
3Academic Administrator Workshop19th Aug. 201324th Aug. 2013
4Principal’s Meet1st Nov. 20131st Nov. 2013
5Winter School28th Nov. 201318th Dec. 2013
6Disaster Management Course   18th Mar. 20147th Aprl. 2014